AutoBead Snow Foam Review

Remove excess grime with this high foam pre-wash. Lifting dirt from the surface, reducing the chance of scratching.

  • Perfect thickness to break down contaminants and remove touchfree
  • Visibly see the cleaning agents break down dirt
  • Only a 7-minute dwell time
  • Can be used as a shampoo replacement, should it be required
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What We Say

What is it?

The entry into the snow foam market from the team at Autobead promising effective dirt removal and coating safe pre wash that is fast acting.

How we Tested it:

We used Autobead snow foam on a moderately soiled vehicle for the purpose of testing and observed the dwell time and effectiveness of the pre wash as well as how enjoyable the product was to use and the value it offers.

We Liked:

  • Good consistency for a snowfoam with a dwell time that is long enough for the product to be effective but not so thick it doesn't descend the vehicle.
  • Doubles as a shampoo if required with the bonus of being coating safe.
  • Removed and softened heavier soiling on the vehicle and was reasonably effective at cleaning.

We Didn't like:

  • Pricing may well deter many people. Most people won't buy snow foam other than in larger quantities and at £45 for 5 litres it is very pricey compared to many rivals.
  • Rival products are more pleasant to use in terms of smell as this just smells slightly chemical.
  • You have to use 150ml in the snow foam lance. There are more economical rivals.

We were a little disappointed by this snow foam if we are completely honest. Whilst still effective as a prewash, we were left slightly disappointed after using other products which were just as effective if not more so whilst also being pleasant to use. We also feel at £45 for 5 litres that Autobead may struggle to convert many enthusiasts from much more keenly priced rivals. Whilst the shorter work time is useful and that it can double as a shampoo, it just didn't quite live up to our hopes for the product. A reasonable performer but there is room for improvement.

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