AutoBead Shampoo Review

PH neutral thick suds shampoo, instantly breaks down dirt, making it easy and safe to use.


  • 800:1 dilution means 34 buckets per bottle
  • Premium lubricants lift and carry away dirt safely
  • Cutting edge cleaning agents extract contaminants from the paint's pores
  • Maintains existing surface protections
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What We Say

What is it?

The Autobead shampoo entry into the market which according to Autobead themselves promises a PH neutral thick suds shampoo that instantly breaks down dirt, making it easy and safe to use.

How we Tested it:

We have used Autobead shampoo on a range of cars of varying soiling using the two bucket method of washing and in conjunction with a lambs wool wash mitt. We were particularly looking for the lubricity and safety of the shampoo for paintwork and the cleaning power and how enjoyable the product was to use.

We Liked:

  • Good dilution ratio of 800-1 makes it a highly economical shampoo.
  • Cleans well and has a nice slick feel over the bodywork.
  • Didn't leave water marking or streaking when used in direct sunlight.
  • In 500ml form, represents fantastic value at just £6.95 for an 800-1 dilution product.
  • Protection safe making it an ideal maintenance shampoo for coated vehicles.

We Didn't like:

  • Not as nice smelling as rival products. Whilst not a primary concern over aspects such as cleaning power, it does make it a more pleasant experience.
  • In larger quantities the price point makes it lack in value compared to rivals. Rival brands offer a greater discount for 5 Litre amounts for great products.
  • We found we had to use a little more than the recommended dilution to achieve the high suds.


We can definitely tell that Autobead have made a quality product here. It cleans well with a nice slick feel and it was refreshing to see very minimal water marking when in direct light. Whilst obviously cleaning power and lubricity are the more important factors with a shampoo, its often smell and enjoyment of use which see you reaching for it again from the shelf. We understand Autobeads'simplicity that shines approach but a more highly perfumed shampoo will appeal to more and we feel people may be put off by the 5L price point. Where the important things matter the product does tick the right boxes however. Overall a commendable shampoo.

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