AutoBead Alloy Cleaner Review

Return your alloys to their showroom best. Fast, effective and efficient alloy cleaner that instantly gets to work.


  • Acid free alloy cleaner making it safe for all types of finish
  • Kind to alloys but hard on dirt such as brake oil and road grime
  • Once clean, wheels are ready for protection
  • For regular cleaning, 5:1 dilution ratio
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What We Say

What is it?

An Acid free wheel cleaner from the team at AutoBead which can be diluted to a 5:1 ratio depending on usage. In the words of AutoBead themselves; Return your alloys to their showroom best. Fast, effective and efficient alloy cleaner that instantly gets to work.

How we Tested it:

We were sent a sample of AutoBead Alloy Cleaner as part of a range of samples to put through their paces for the brand. We used the wheel cleaner on the wheels of two vehicles of varying soiling and observed the cleaning effectiveness of the product, value and usability of the product.

We Liked:

  • The thick clingy formula allows you to pinpoint areas of heavier deposit buildup to target and is useful for agitating the product on the wheel.
  • Cleaned a fairly heavily gone 4x4 wheel effectively on test with only moderate agitation.
  • Not an offensive/intrusive smell that can often accompany even non acidic wheel cleaners.

We Didn't like:

  • The thick formula whilst useful at times, in the same breath can be infuriating when trying to cover a complete wheel facia. A lot of product is used.
  • Whilst decent enough value in 500ml form. Compared to rivals, product is hugely expensive in 5 litre form.


A tough one to judge this. On the face of it, AutoBeads wheel cleaner is a highly effective wheel cleaner that in 500ml form is well priced and can be very useful for targeted cleaning with its thick clingy formula. Most people in our experience will buy a wheel cleaner however in much higher sizes than 500ml and at £45 for 5 litres, the product becomes rather expensive. Rival products come in with change from £25 and you will actually use less product due to the thinner formula with the excellent Brake Away for example from KKD being available for £23.99. A good wheel cleaner, undeniably. But is it worth the premium? We're not sure.

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