Amazon Fire TV 43-inch UHD smart TV Review

The Amazon Fire TV 43-inch UHD Smart TV boasts superb 4K visuals, diverse entertainment options, and evolving features but can be marred by limited viewing angles and an occasionally slow interface.
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Few experiences match unwinding in front of a quality TV, and Amazon's recent offering to the market, the Fire TV 43-inch UHD Smart TV, seems to promise just that. In a world where consumers have myriad choices, let's dissect how this product stands out, and perhaps where it falters.

Top-notch Visual Quality

Dive into the vibrant universe of 4K entertainment. The Amazon Fire TV pledges:

  • Vivid Displays: With 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10, and HLG, visuals aren't just seen—they're experienced. The intricate details, enhanced clarity, and the burst of colours make standard 1080p HD seem pale in comparison.
  • A Palette of Colours: This device paints scenes in hues you never imagined your screen could. Brightness levels hit the mark, and the distinction between varied shades is commendable.

However, it isn't without its Achilles' heel. One must be strategic in selecting the viewing spot. The screen tends to wash out if one's viewing angle isn't direct. It's a notable hiccup, especially for those planning group movie nights.

A Sound Experience

The auditory experience is acceptable, if not extraordinary. While the inbuilt speakers might not win accolades, they manage to convey the essence of what's on screen. For audiophiles, integrating a soundbar could be a game-changer, transforming the sound from merely good to superb.

Features Galore

Some of the features that pack a punch include:

  • Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote: More than just changing channels or adjusting volume, this remote brings Alexa into your living room. From movie suggestions to checking the weather, this TV listens.
  • Boundless Entertainment: It’s not just a TV, but an entertainment powerhouse. From Netflix to Disney+, its streaming options are vast. Add to that the ability to play video games, stream music, and watch live TV—boredom doesn't stand a chance.
  • Ever-evolving Intelligence: The Fire TV isn't static. With constant updates, Alexa learns new skills, increasing smart home functionalities and voice features.
  • Device Connectivity: Three HDMI ports mean connecting to gaming consoles or satellite TV is a breeze. And for those seeking an enhanced auditory experience, the HDMI eARC proves invaluable.

Yet, as with any product, perfection is elusive. Transitioning between channels can be a tad sluggish, a gripe many might find testing, especially when adrenaline-pumping live sports are on. Moreover, the user interface can be temperamental at times—smooth on one occasion, painfully slow on another.

Design and Feel

For the modern minimalist, its design might feel a touch dated. The somewhat bulkier frame could deter enthusiasts looking for ultra-sleek models. However, the bezels are pleasantly narrow, ensuring the screen dominates the front view.

Final Thoughts


  • Remarkable 4K Display
  • Versatile entertainment options
  • Regular feature updates
  • Voice-controlled remote


  • Mediocre built-in sound
  • Limited viewing angles
  • Occasionally sluggish interface

To conclude, the Amazon Fire TV 43-inch UHD Smart TV is an intriguing mix of highs and lows. For those seeking an economical yet robust TV, especially during promotional periods like Amazon Day, it's an option worth pondering. Despite its minor drawbacks, it offers quality, diversity, and the trusted Amazon ecosystem—all in one frame.

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