Amazon Fire TV 32-inch HD smart TV Review

The Amazon Fire TV 32-inch HD smart TV offers impressive value, combining vivid visuals with diverse content access and evolving smart features. Some assembly challenges exist, but overall, it's a commendable choice for modern home entertainment.
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In the realm of smart televisions, the Amazon Fire TV 32-inch HD smart TV emerges as a noteworthy contender, offering a seamless blend of quality, functionality, and affordability.

Visual and Audio Experience

The television captivates its audience with vivid imagery, encapsulating viewers in a world where cinematic quality takes centre stage. Though it offers a 720p HD resolution, viewers are unlikely to lament the absence of 1080p; the visual experience is rendered exquisite by the support of HDR 10 and HLG. Every frame, every scene, every colour - they are all amplified to deliver an immersion that transcends the standard television experience.

Audio, a quintessential partner to the visual, is managed adeptly. While traditional flat screen televisions often falter in the audio department, this Amazon gem makes strides with Dolby Digital Audio, rendering dialogues crisp and soundtracks vibrant.

Interface and Accessibility

Ease of Use

Navigating through the interface is a breeze. The intuitive design of Fire TV accords users the luxury of effortlessly accessing a multitude of entertainment sources. Whether it’s live TV, video games, or an eclectic mix of music, the content is organized meticulously, making selection both swift and straightforward.

Content Availability

Streaming enthusiasts will revel in the vast library accessible through subscriptions to popular platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+. Furthermore, the inclusion of YouTube, Freevee, and Pluto TV expands the repertoire, offering viewers an abundance of choices without imposing additional costs.

Connectivity and Smart Features

Multi-Room Experience

The television is not confined to a single space; it facilitates a multi-room experience. The synchronization of content across various Fire TV devices ensures that your viewing is uninterrupted and consistent, weaving a thread of entertainment that stretches from room to room.

Smart Integration

With Alexa at its core, the smart features embedded within the television evolve constantly. New skills and functionalities are introduced, enhancing user experience and integrating seamlessly with a smart home ecosystem. The voice functionality elevates convenience, allowing users to command, control, and converse with their television.

Hands-on Experience

Assembly and Installation

Some users have noted challenges with the stand assembly, indicating a potential mismatch in screw sizes. However, the overall setup process, including the digital interface, is intuitive and requires minimal time.

Picture and Sound Quality

The picture quality is deemed satisfactory by users, serving various purposes from casual viewing to specific uses like exercise videos. While the sound quality has received mixed reviews, the inclusion of HDMI ARC to input audio equipment mitigates sound-related concerns to an extent.

Smart Features Usability

The integration of Alexa, although innovative, occasionally faces hiccups, particularly after prolonged pauses. However, the smart TV features continue to enrich the user experience, marking a significant upgrade for individuals transitioning from older television models.


  • Affordable Pricing: Offers excellent value for the cost.
  • Content Galore: Immediate access to a plethora of content sources.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive navigation enhances user experience.
  • Smart Integration: Constantly evolving Alexa skills and smart home capabilities.
  • Multi-Room Synchronization: Seamless content viewing across different rooms.


The Amazon Fire TV 32-inch HD smart TV stands as a testament to quality and affordability coalescing into a product that caters to a diverse audience. It embodies a harmony of modern smart features and traditional television elements, making it a worthy consideration for those seeking to elevate their home entertainment experience without breaking the bank. Every feature, from its visual delivery to smart integrations, is crafted to immerse the user in a world where quality entertainment is not just desired – it is expected, and most importantly, delivered.

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