AA Vehicle Breakdown Safety Kit Plus Review

AA Vehicle Breakdown Safety Kit Plus
The AA Vehicle Breakdown Safety Kit Plus is a practical, comprehensive roadside emergency kit with room for improvement in the emergency hammer, and could benefit from including a space blanket.
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In the unpredictable world of motoring, the unexpected can and will happen. A reliable tool kit like the AA Vehicle Breakdown Safety Kit Plus can make all the difference between a minor inconvenience and a potentially disastrous situation. This all-encompassing kit is the ultimate embodiment of the popular adage, "better safe than sorry."

The Necessities at a Glance

A product that lives up to its promise, the AA Breakdown & Safety Kit Plus is a meticulously curated collection of vital motoring components designed to tackle a broad spectrum of roadside eventualities. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The Hazard Warning Triangle: A prerequisite for safety, this triangle meets the EU standard ECE R27 approval.
  • Reflective Emergency Jacket: Stay visible, stay safe. This jacket fulfils the EU standard BS EN ISO 20471:2013.
  • Booster Cables: Ready to resurrect vehicles up to 2500cc, complete with a full insulation system and a 3 m reach.
  • Tow Rope: With a remarkable 2-tonne load capacity, this rope is BS AU 187:2000 approved.
  • 9 LED Torch: Bright, reliable, and cased in durable aluminium. Batteries included.
  • Emergency Car Hammer: Designed to smash glass windows swiftly in emergencies and featuring a seatbelt cutter.
  • Mini Tyre Inflator: Features PSI, BAR and KPA readings, a flexible air hose, a 3 m power cord and a useful LED light.
  • Canvas Carry Bag: The perfect container to keep all of the kit items neatly organised in your vehicle.

Taking the Road Less Travelled

The AA Vehicle Breakdown Safety Kit Plus presents an intriguing combination of necessity and convenience. Housed in a robust, canvas carry bag, the kit offers not just the convenience of portability but also the capability to contain additional personal essentials.

While the overall quality meets expectations associated with the AA brand, the kit does have room for improvement. The emergency car hammer, although functional, lacks the refinement and robustness one might anticipate. You may want to supplement this with a more sturdy variant such as the 'Lifehammer', especially if maximum efficiency in severe situations is a top priority.

One suggested addition to the kit is a space blanket. Though not included, its inclusion would certainly augment the kit's functionality and appeal, particularly for those unforeseen incidents during colder months.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Confidence in any road situation due to the comprehensive array of tools and accessories.
  • Increased safety and visibility thanks to the hi-vis vest and warning triangle.
  • Swift response to a flat tyre or a breakdown with the booster cables, tow rope, and tyre inflactor.
  • Essential illumination with the ultra-bright LED torch.
  • Robust canvas bag providing an efficient storage solution that fits comfortably in most vehicles.
  • Space to accommodate additional items, like basic hand tools.

In essence, the AA Vehicle Breakdown Safety Kit Plus is a pragmatic investment for every motorist. The kit's usefulness extends beyond its components, effectively transforming unpredictable incidents into manageable situations. Rest assured, with this kit in your car, you're always ready for the road ahead.

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