AA Vanilla Air Freshener Clip-Ons Review

Keeps your car beautifully fresh by utilising the natural air flow through the air vents
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What We Say

What is it?

The AA simply describe this as 'Keeps your car beautifully fresh by utilising the natural air flow through the air vents'. Which pretty much sums it up - you clip them onto your air vents and it uses the air coming through to circulate the scent in your car.

How we tested it?

We have tested the Vanilla scent however it's available in other fragrances such as 'Very Berry' and 'Ocean' - this was in a car with no other fragranced products. We followed the recommendations on the back of the packet (which aren't difficult to follow) - simply push it onto the air vent, the majority of the clip is hidden leaving just a small round piece of plastic showing.

We Liked:

  • It's got a pleasant scent, nothing too strong and overpowering
  • They are well priced and you can pick up a packet of 5 for a few pound.
  • Nothing to hang from your rear view mirror, they are simply clipped out of the way in/on an air vent.

We didn't Like:

  • If you only want to put 2 in there isn't an easy way to seal the others back in the blister packaging to retain the fragrance.
  • As with all air vent air fresheners you only get the scent when you've got your air circulation one - however, I think this will be most of the time for the majority of people.
  • We only got around 2 weeks use out of them, however as you get 5 you would expect to get around a month in total.


The fragrance is pleasant, it's simple to fit - for an air vent air freshener it's good, but not great. There are better air fresheners out there for the same price and will last longer, however these are convenient and for the price you might as well give them a shot.

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