AA AA6318 Euro Travel Kit Review

AA AA6318 Euro Travel Kit
The AA AA6318 Euro Travel Kit provides essential safety and convenience items for European road trips, offering great value and versatility for UK drivers.
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Essential Items for Safe and Enjoyable European Drives

The AA AA6318 Euro Travel Kit is a comprehensive and convenient collection of essentials, ensuring you are well-prepared for your European road trip. With items geared towards emergencies, safety, and convenience, this kit is an excellent choice for any traveller.

Key Benefits:

  • Essential items for driving safely in Europe
  • Emergency essentials such as a first aid kit, warning triangle, hi-vis vest, and bulb kit
  • Safety items including headlight beam benders and a UK plate
  • Convenience items like maps and the AA European Driver's Handbook
  • Compact and convenient zipped storage bag

Kit Contents and Quality

The AA6318 Euro Travel Kit offers fantastic value for money and includes everything you need for a safe and enjoyable journey across Europe. The contents are of good quality, ensuring that you're well-prepared in case of a roadside breakdown.

One potential improvement would be the inclusion of two high-vis vests instead of just one, as well as a space blanket. However, the storage bag is spacious enough to accommodate additional items, such as basic hand tools or other essentials you may want to add.

Compliance and Usefulness

Actually, most people only purchase these kits to comply with European regulations rather than due to a perceived need. However, this kit is more comprehensive than AA's France-specific kit, as it includes a bulb kit, first-aid kit, and AA European Drivers Handbook. These items are useful to keep in your car, even when driving in the UK.

Breathalyser Situation

Although the kit doesn't come with NF-approved breathalysers, these can be purchased separately for a minimal cost. As of 2020, it is no longer a legal requirement to carry a breathalyser kit in France, but it's worth considering having one on hand for peace of mind.

Convenient Packaging and Easy Application

The kit is packaged in a handy, compact pouch that is easy to store in your vehicle. Although the zipper quality could be improved, it is generally sufficient for its purpose. The beam converters are easy to apply, featuring a high-quality adhesive that works well on various headlights. The magnetic GB plate is particularly useful for rental cars or for those who don't have a GB logo on their number plate.


In conclusion, the AA AA6318 Euro Travel Kit is a great investment for any UK driver planning to explore Europe by car. We recommend opting for this kit over AA's France-specific kit and supplementing it with a disposable, approved breathalyser if desired. The additional accessories make this a useful kit to keep in your car, even when driving in the UK.

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